Our Schedule - Prestige Business Conference
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Our Schedule

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  • Opening Remarks

  • Lifestyle Business: In pursuit of a life well lived

    Peter Chester, Partner, Modern Tribe
    I have been on a quest in pursuit of a life well lived. For me and for everyone working at Modern Tribe.Join me in savoring the fruits of my exploration of the role of a company in the lives of its workers. What can a small company do to build a platform for a life well lived? What does it mean to be a lifestyle company?

  • Growth Without Scaling: Traveling an Independent Path

    MIchelle Schulp, Marktime Media
    There’s an abundance of advice available about finding success in business (including what you’ll hear at this event!) However, so much of this guidance is focused on a singular path: scaling your business, hiring more employees, and becoming a larger company with bigger clients. But what if this isn’t where you want to go?There are multiple reasons to become an entrepreneur, so why would there be only one possible outcome? Prosperity takes many forms, and some will send you in a completely different direction than the typical business growth model, but that doesn’t make them any less meaningful. Following my own journey as a stubborn independent, we’ll discuss how finding clarity about your destination will help you harness your hustle and keep you pointed on your chosen path.

  • The Helpful Culture: How Giving Small Businesses A Hand Up Can Expand Your Brand, Build Your Business, and Fill Your Pipeline

    Jeff King, Senior Vice President of Hosting, GoDaddy
    Technological progress is shifting the economy in favor of the entrepreneur. With more than 200 million existing small businesses worldwide and millions more added each year, the evidence is clear: the majority of businesses are in fact small businesses. At GoDaddy, we have seen how the democratization of technology is a major trend enabling people to do what they love as a career because the tools they need are accessible, affordable and easy to use.As consumer expectations for ease, accessibility and design continue to rise, small businesses must meet this demand. These evolving customer needs present a prime opportunity for web designers and developers, as well as other service providers, to expand and market their services to help entrepreneurs and SMB owners stay competitive against big businesses.

  • Lunch

  • Marketing WordPress Themes and Plugins: What Works? What Doesn’t?

    Charlie Patel, CEO, 99 Robots
    An inside look at how a focused marketing strategy can influence the sustainability and profitability of WordPress products, as well as their impact on your service offerings. Using results from an actual marketing campaign executed over the course of a few months, Charlie will share lessons learned as well as what worked and didn’t work.

  • Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket!

    Brian Messenlehner, Co-Founder, CTO of WebDevStudios
    Increase overall revenue by diversifying your business! Brian will talk about the various brands under the WebDevStudios umbrella and how they all complement each other under one common theme.

  • Don’t F&ck Up Your Business

    Davis Senseman, Founder, Davis Law Office
    No one can make your business soar, or fail, like you. Let’s discuss some of the most common ways business owners f*@k up their businesses (or let others do it to them) and some easy, non-painful ways to avoid them. Lots of practical, easy-to-implement information from a lawyer who refuses to fall back on the standard lawyer answer – “it depends.”

  • Networking Happy Hour

    Kieran’s Irish Pub. 85 N 6th St, Minneapolis, MN 55403

  • Check-In

  • Opening Remarks

  • Consistency Establishes Reputation: Brand Platform Strategies To Ensure You Are Remembered, Respected, And Referred

    Jennifer Bourn, Founder, Creative Director, and Digital Strategist, Bourn Creative
    As with the first workshop, we’ll do this hands-on style, walking the audience through the concept of creating a brand platform and why it’s a critical step for every business brand and personal brand. Then we’ll move into the hands-on exercises with worksheets.

  • Advice From the Purple One: What Prince Taught Me About Business, Trust, and Risk

    Erica Hanna, Founder, Puke Rainbows
    Risk. It’s something many of us are averse to. But, what if your entire career was dependent on doing things that made you uncomfortable? What is out there, that you could be missing by falling victim to imposter syndrome? We’ll look at the statistics behind risk, confidence building, and how a simple phrase from the musical genius from Minneapolis, made one business Puke Rainbows.

  • Lunch

  • Origin of Opportunity: How to Discover, Create, and Maximize Opportunity.

    John T. Meyer, Co-Founder and CEO, Lemonly
    Where does opportunity come from and how do you find it? John T. Meyer will explain where to find opportunity, how you can create your own opportunities, and prove to you that more opportunity means more luck and more success.

  • The Importance of Estimating: An Exploration of Estimating Philosophy, Methodology, and Practical Application to Scalable Resource Planning

    Jess Jurick, VP of Client Delivery, 10up
    This session will strive to shift common perceptions around estimating, encouraging strategic, collaborative, transparent practices that strengthen client relationships and project outcomes. A methodology primer will highlight simple techniques for improving the accuracy and effectiveness of estimates. Finally, we’ll discuss how estimates inform agency resource planning and growth.

  • Running Your Project with Enterprise-Grade Account Management

    Karim Marucchi, CEO, Crowd Favorite
    Come take a behind-the-scenes look at how enterprise service providers manage their client accounts, with specific tips on how you can implement those practices on even your smallest projects.Have you had a specific client management problem that you weren’t sure how to resolve? Have you noticed a trend among a few of your last challenging projects that seems to be hindering your “project profitability”? Then this session is for you. The first part of the session will focus on techniques large-scale agencies use to give a white-glove client experience while controlling scope creep.Once we’ve covered the groundwork, the larger part of the session will be an interactive discussion on how and when to apply these tools and strategies. Your business is built on your daily interactions with your clients, and the goal of this session is to discuss the very real scenarios your business encounters. Come ready to dig in on a tactical level to transform your account management skills, improve your client experience, and ultimately increase your profit margins.

  • Networking Happy Hour

    Hell’s Kitchen (Far Side Pub). 80 S 9th St, Minneapolis, MN 55402