Did someone mention free livestream tickets? We told you gravity forms rock - Prestige Business Conference
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Did someone mention free livestream tickets? We told you gravity forms rock

Did someone mention free livestream tickets? We told you gravity forms rock

UPDATE 7/28: Thanks again to Gravity Forms! Gravity Forms sponsored a total of 750 people to attend Prestige Conference virtually, from all over the globe. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! We have created a discount code for those that missed out on the Gravity Forms opportunity. You can use the code PrestigeStream for 50% off livestream tickets at our registration page. 

UPDATE 7/23: Wow! We sold out of all 500 free tickets in less than 24 hours. Gravity Forms has generously upped their offer, and we have released an additional 250 free livestream tickets. Snag one while you can using code GravityFormsLS on our registration page. Don’t forget to thank them on social using hashtag #PrestigeConf!

Yesterday we introduced primary sponsor Gravity Forms.

Today we’re excited to share a huge announcement from them. Because they believe in the value of Prestige Conference and in giving back to the community, they are providing 500 FREE livestream tickets so people around the world can experience the knowledge and business expertise shared during our event.

“The speakers at this event were pure gold. And what they shared was worth ticket prices three times what people paid.”
–Chris Lema

What’s included in the livestream ticket?

With a Livestream ticket to Prestige Conference, you’ll not only get access to watch all of the sessions live from the comfort of your own home, you’ll also receive access to videos of the sessions for 6 months after the event.

Our livestream is professionally produced by PixPro Media, ensuring a high-quality experience for our livestream attendees.

“In addition to a great conference on site, with some great speakers, they also have a great livestream. They don’t do this the lazy way. They take time to… switch between slides and monitor it live and really create a great experience. If you can’t make it to the conference, you’re getting your money’s worth with the livestream and the quality of the video they record.”
-Jake Goldman, Founder of 10up

How do i register?

To take advantage of Gravity Form’s generosity, register for your livestream ticket using code GravityFormsLS. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so be sure to secure your spot ASAP.

Once registered, you will receive an order confirmation. We will follow up with login credentials to access the livestream late next week. (You will receive a separate email notifying you when session recordings are available to view after the event.)

You are welcome to join our Facebook event page for more updates on speakers, sessions, and conference announcements.

“Prestige is one of the few conferences I’ve been to where the sessions delivered on descriptions, the event lived up to my wishes, and the content exceeded my expectations.”
-Brian Bourn, Co-Founder of Bourn Creative


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