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About Us

Founded by Kiko Doran & Josh Broton in 2014, Prestige is a business & career development conference geared towards freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small shops operating in the digital marketplace.This is where you want to be when you’re ready to “level up” your business. You won’t find programming tips or code workshops at our conference. Instead, we bring in experts from around the country to share their expertise and advice to help you launch your own business into the next stage of success.strong>The next Prestige Conference will be held August 1st & 2nd in Minneapolis, MN –>Purchase Tickets






The inaugural Prestige Conference in Minneapolis was a huge success. We brought together an intimate crowd to experience some of the best business speakers across the industry.


  • Friday Night Panelists: 3
  • Saturday Sessions Presented: 7
  • Expectations Exceeded: 64.7% of attendees
  • Value vs Ticket price: 100% positive attendee rating
  • Content Quality: 100% positive attendee rating
  • Hashtag Reach: 2.6 million timeline deliveries during Saturday sessions



Our sophomore event brought together new speakers and attendees. Sessions included funding options for your business, hiring new team members, moving from small-business clients to enterprise-level bids, and much more.


  • Friday Night Panelists: 3
  • Saturday Sessions Presented: 7
  • Expectations Exceeded: 87% of attendees
  • Value vs Ticket price: 100% positive attendee rating
  • Content Quality: 100% positive attendee rating
  • Hashtag Reach: 7.6 million timeline deliveries during Friday panel & Saturday sessions



Jeremy Ward – Developer at WestWerk on Prestige Conference Minneapolis 2014


Most of today’s technology conferences focus solely on tools and techniques for building cutting-edge web applications. Prestige breaks the mold by offering something different: real-talk from leaders in the tech community about what it actually means to run a products or client services business. With topics ranging from how to grow your business, what to expect upon entering the products market, how to identify process inefficiencies, and what to charge, Prestige provides a valuable new set of tools for entrepreneurial developers and leaders. I highly recommend it.


Matt Medeiros – Founder/CEO of Slocum Studio on Prestige Conference Minneapolis 2014


PrestigeConf was a refreshing experience as a speaker and for the attendees seeking to enhance their business prowess.


Scoring from top to bottom, starting with communication of the organizing team to the logistics the day of, the PrestigeConf team receives an A+ in my book. Josh and Kiko managed to put something together that broke the mold for those of us caught in the circuit of conferences and provided real ROI for attendees.


Their secret sauce? Creating an intimate atmosphere where attendees could interact with featured speakers and extend their conference experience. PrestigeConf was a tremendous event with super value — don’t miss the next one.


Nikhil Vimal – Student, WordPress Core Contributor, Founder of TechVoltz on Prestige Conference Minneapolis 2014


PrestigeConf taught me almost as much as business classes in school!